| Awards


The founder of National Halal – ‘Father of Halal’ Sheikh Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob, was honoured with the following awards for his services in pioneering the Halal industry in the UK/Europe:

  1. Gabem (Malaysian Government)
  2. OIC Chambers
  3. Lifetime Achievement Awards
    • Lloyds TSB Asian Jewel Awards
    • Global Peace & Unity event (Islam Channel)
    • Midland Asian Community Achievement Awards Association
  4. Certificate of Recognition from High Commissioner for Pakistan, London
  5. An Award in recognition for National Halal’s contribution in introducing True Halal products to the mainstream supermarkets in UK
    • Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
  6.  Middle Asian Community Achievements Awards Association
    • Reward received in recognition as the first British Muslim Company, introducing True Halal products, by way of independent NH concessions, to the mainstream Supermarkets