| Ethics


Protecting the brand of Halal and practicing the Islamic shariah conduct according to the teachings of the Quran.

The principles of ethics are often discussed with respect to gains and benefits to society at large. What is good or bad is supposedly determined by the rule of the majority, with little attention given to the principles of morality. Islamic ethics differ from the Western concept as these are derived from God, directly from the Quran, and from the practices of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) – Sunnah. It is therefore a set of beliefs and actions that is divine and transcends the limitations of time, place and tradition.

Within the Halal meat Industry, we have generally noticed a compromise to the ethical values due to vested commercial interests. At National Halal, we have a mission to build awareness and protect Allah’s brand “Halal” in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. It is our ethical responsibility as a Halal food supplier to verify the Halal supply chain authenticity through clear traceability and labelling. Currently, there is no clear labelling of Halal meat due to difference of opinion within Halal Certifying Bodies. National halal has taken strong stand on its mission statement and became the leading brand in the World with a clear “un-stunned” label for its pre-packed meat range.