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Islamic brand National Halal, entered a new phase from 2nd March 2015 insha-ALLAH.

The Pioneers of Halal, National Halal with it’s 60 year+ family heritage in providing true Halal products (Stun-Free – produced strictly in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah), have made an agreement with 1Stop Halal Ltd and its experienced management team. Supply will come from 1 Stop Halal’s well invested, dedicated Halal supply chain, further endorsed by HMC accreditation. This aim is to deliver the Number 1 Halal choice for our Muslim consumers and wider audience, insha-ALLAH.

Brother Muhammed Z Yaqoob (current CEO of Global Halal (Retail) Ltd trading as National Halal) will support the ethical agenda for the National Halal brand to help drive the strong governance, ethics and ensure technical standards, are fully maintained in the future, insha-ALLAH.
1Stop Halal Ltd will take lead on the manufacturing and supply agenda This will ensure, that with their invaluable experience of the industry, that the National Halal range of products will deliver the highest quality for the consumer at all times, insha-ALLAH.